Industry Focus

Aerospace and Powergen

Know thyself

Many search firms strive to be all things to all people. At Aerosource, we understand how our strengths and experience provide our clients with superior search performance and exceptional aerospace and powergen talent.

We won’t waste your time or resources.  We listen carefully We are already deeply connected within the industries we serve and our unique client solutions provide that every search is an investment toward a successful hire.

Aerosource works exclusively within industries where our expertise, resources and relationships deliver unmatched search performance and value for our clients. Our specialization is your advantage, allowing for guaranteed delivery of talent within 30-days of initiating a search.

We have a long record of success delivering talent within the following functional areas:

  • Executive leadership - CEO, President, EVP, Board Member
  • General Management - VP & GM, GM
  • Operations - VP, Director, Manager
  • Engineering - VP, Director, Manager, Senior Engineer, Staff Engineer
  • Quality – VP, Director, Manager, Engineer
  • Sales - VP, Director, Manager, Sales Engineer
  • Finance - CFO, VP, Director Finance, Controller, Financial Analyst
  • Human Resources - CHO, VP, Director, Manager

Industry focus:

Aerospace /Aviation - Manufacturing & MRO

Turbine Engine and Airframe systems and components

Investment cast turbine components

Aerospace Forgings – open /closed die, seamless rolled rings

Precision machined turbine and airframe components

Aftermarket turbine components and spare parts

Turbine engine MRO - Overhaul and component repair